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Activating Assets: Youth Programs

This month, no rx our focus is Asset #18: Youth Programs
Young person spends 3 or more hours a week in in sports, remedy clubs or organizations with school, view community or church.
Category: External Assets
Subcategory: Constructive Use of Time
Nationally, only 57% of youth report having this asset. 

5 Ways to Build Youth Programs:

  • Explore different youth programs available in your area that will fit with your child’s interests.  Your school is a good place to start, they will have information on their own programs as well as those they recommend in the community.
  • Talk to your child about the different options that are available and reasons why you believe they are a good way for them to be spending their time.
  • Consider a part-time job or volunteer options for an older child.  Many are just as rewarding as joining a club and will provide valuable work experience.
  • Reach out to mentoring organizations in your community.  A well matched mentor can provide your child with a caring adult that can share common interests.
  • Encourage leadership skills and a sense of community in your child by suggesting they join a fundraising organization for a cause they believe in.

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“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” ~Paul Ryan