Asset Workshops

Stacy Taylor is trained to deliver the following Search Institute designed workshops:

Change of Heart: Creating a More Caring School Climate. This one day retreat encourages students and staff to individually contribute to a more caring school climate. Participants will:

  • Promote a more supportive school community:
  • Build strong, more caring relationships between and among everyone in the school; and
  • Build developmental assets intentionally.

This retreat is designed for a maximum of 52 students and 8 staff who are peer opinion leaders for the school and connect with many people.

Building Developmental Assets in School Communities. This training is designed to help people incorporate the Developmental Assets framework into their school communities. Participants will:

  • Become familiar with the connections between the asset framework and academic success;
  • Begin to implement the framework in their school;
  • Commit to forming and maintaining influential relationships with students; and
  • Commit to personally becoming an asset builder for the youth in their school and life.

Stacy Taylor, Taylor Lauer, and additional THRIVE committee members are also trained to deliver:

Everyone’s an Asset Builder: Integrating Developmental Assets into Your Life. This four-hour training introduces participants to the 40 Developmental Asset framework and invites them to become asset builders in their personal and professional lives.

Sharing the Asset Message. This four-hour training is designed to help asset advocates in the community or organization effectively deliver a variety of asset-building messages to multiple audiences.