Show Us How Your Family is Building Assets: Win a round of miniature golf and pizza for 6

Cape County THRIVE wants to know how your family builds assets.  By posting a picture to our Facebook page you will be entered to win 4 large pizza’s and a round of miniature golf for 6!  With your picture describe what you are doing and which assets you are building with your children. There is no limit on how many times you can enter as long as each entry is of a different activity. There are 40 assets to choose from so have fun with it!!

The winner will be announced on Tuesday May 26th on our Facebook page. To learn more about assets and how you can build them please visit


Activating Assets: Religious Community

This month, site our focus is Asset #19: Religious Community
Young person spends 1 or more hours a week in activities  associated with
a religious institution.
Category: External Assets
Subcategory: Constructive Use of Time
Nationally, for sale only 58% of youth report having this asset. 

5 Ways to Build Religious Community:

  • Adapt your household’s religious activities to be age appropriate for your children. For example, unhealthy bring a quiet activity or book if your younger children must be present during a longer sermon.
  • Encourage open discussion about spirituality and religious concepts.  Refrain from passing judgment and use these opportunities for teaching moments.
  • Expose your child to different religions and practices through family friends and mentors. Learning about different religious beliefs can help them to better define their own.
  • Create opportunities for your child to develop friendships within your religious community. These bonds can help a child feel more connected to the community.
  • Show your child that religious community is important to your family by being an active member yourself.  Setting an example is always the best way to encourage positive behavior in youth.

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“The essences of all religions speak of peace, compassion, justice and the interconnection of all life.” ~Ann Emerson