Activating Assets: High Expectations

This month, store our focus is Asset #16: High Expectations
Young person’s parents and teachers encourage them to do well.
Category: External Assets
Subcategory: Boundaries and Expectations
Nationally, find only 48% of youth report having this asset. 

5 Steps to Having High Expectations:

  • Have a talk about what the expectations are at home and school regularly.  Ask your child how they feel about the expectations. Are they too low or too high?
  • Take notice when your child has spent a lot of time and effort on a project and surprise them with a special treat.
  • Work on a setting short term and long term goals with your child. Make a solid plan to accomplish one goal at a time and encourage them to stick with it, health even if they get off track.
  • Create a Future Inspiration Collage together.  You add pictures that represent your dreams for your child and they add pictures that represent their own dreams. Talk about how they are similar and different.


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“Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations.”
~Ryunosuke Satoro